Noosa Farmers' Market

Travel: Noosa Farmers’ Market

Noosa Farmers' Market

The Noosa Farmers’ Market is a busy place! You get to park in a field, yet not to worry, it’s in the city. Just be sure you’re hungry when you visit. From juices to donuts, there are a lot of tasty treats!

A few classics you can find here, if you’re visiting Australia and are looking for gifts to bring home. Chocolates are a good choice, and so is honey. The best items I found were scarves and towels – some of the softest materials around.

Like most farmers’ markets we’ve been to, this one was free (although the local high school was taking donations for their athletic department), and parking was easy to find. Okay, let’s check out the few photos I took when my hands weren’t busy checking out the booths or eating snacks.

Noosa Farmers’ Market

Noosa Farmers' Market

Grab a snack and have a seat in one of the two open eating areas. It’s a great place to hangout, take in the people watching, and decide if you want to double back and buy that hand painted ceramic mug.

Although we know that sugar cane is used for many different things, we were delighted to watch this juice being pressed after seeing so many mini-trains carrying cane.

Noosa Farmers' Market
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Noosa Farmers' Market

What’s your favourite market? Do you have one that you visit weekly, or annually? Some of the holiday markets are a lot of fun – some fantastic stocking stuffers! We have one in Edmonton, the Strathcona Farmers’ Market and we usually visit once very couple of years, or when we have visitors. I’ll admit, it’s inconvenient since we live in the country, yet full of great items. Just like my last post and stopping at bakeries, farmers’ markets are a fun vacation or travel to-do.

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your markets!

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