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Milwaukee Zoo

Milwaukee Zoo. What a place. We’ve been to a few zoos – the Dallas Zoo, the LA Zoo and then some animal places in Las Vegas. This zoo is great. Different from other zoos, yet still just as fun.

One of the best parts about this zoo – the cost is only 14.95$ a person. What? So cheap.

Okay – being from Canada, I just loved these lazy grizzly bears. Not only were they adorable, but their claws – look how big they are! Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo

Uh-oh. I work him up. He’s just looking and wondering.


The cariboo – they were clearly hot because of all the shedding of their coats. The cariboo were graceful and playful all at the same time. Milwaukee Zoo

Below is the new 9 month old gorilla. The mom gorilla carried her everywhere and the volunteer kept telling the children to be quite around the baby. Do you think they listened? Nope. Not one bit. Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo

Huge southern turtle. He was hanging out with the napping kangaroos. Milwaukee Zoo

Oh, the giraffes. How they are my favourite. Did you know they have four stomaches like cows? They eat for up to 20 hours a day and sleep on average 30 minutes a day. Oh, to be a giraffe! Milwaukee Zoo


That’s us having fun – taking a few selfies. Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo

On the left is a whistling duck and on the right the sleeping flamingos. Again, the children at the zoo woke them up – and then the flamingos started scurrying around trying to blame someone for disturbing them. Milwaukee Zoo Milwaukee Zoo

This little jaguar. He. Was. Precious. Not only does he have the biggest and brightest blue eyes, he’s also from Belize and his name is Pat. He’s a part of the jaguar breeding program at the Milwaukee Zoo and seems to quite enjoy all of the attention. Milwaukee Zoo

Elephants. They are great. Around 1:30 we watched this elephant get a bath – well, it was actually just getting sprayed by a big hose. The trainers would give her commands to turn right or left, or to lower her back to get it washed. In the holding area there is a huge tire which is there to alleviate frustration. She tossed it around using her trunk. It was interesting to see, for sure. Milwaukee Zoo

Well, if you’re ever in the area, be sure to visit the Milwaukee Zoo. It’s quite a special place.

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