• Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

    Travel: Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

    Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital! Be sure to check it out if you’re visiting the Australia Zoo. It’s an additional 2$ when you buy your tickets and I almost forgot to add it, since the agent didn’t ask. We spent about 5 minutes walking over, and then visited for about 10-15 minutes (I like to read all the signs!). If you have time, it’s worth checking out. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital We saw a tiny kangaroo who lost his mom. They made him a sweet flannel…

  • Australia Zoo

    Travel: Australia Zoo

    The Australia Zoo, undoubtably a fantastic zoo. It’s expansive, well maintained, and most importantly, the animals seem very comfortable and happy. I took so many photos, yet here are a few handfuls for you to checkout. Yet first, a few tips! Tips and Reminders Okay, now that I’ve shared some tips, time for some animal photos! Australia Zoo First up, the koala – this guy was a tad sleepy. The zoo has koala bears in about 3 different spots across the zoo, so be sure…

  • Billabong Sanctuary

    Travel: Billabong Sanctuary

    The Billabong Sanctuary – it’s just outside of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. The koalas and the kangaroos were by far our favourites. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Billabong Sanctuary First, the sanctuary is a recognized and fully accredited advanced ecotourism attraction, and partners with many neighbouring schools to enhance learning. When we visited, a massive school group was getting a lesson on one of the crocodiles, it was wild to watch. Okay, photo time! First up, the koalas – they’re super adorable and sleep…

  • Chapultepec Zoo

    Travel: Chapultepec Zoo

    The Chapultepec Zoo! It’s in the heart of Mexico City and it’s free. The zoo has many North American animals, and a whole section with bison, bears, and deer. So odd to see when our National Parks here in Canada host those animals with thousands of acres of land. Compared to the two other zoos we visited in 2022 – the Omaha Zoo and the Australia Zoo (post coming sometime this year!), the Mexico City Zoo was lacklustre for sure. Don’t get me wrong, the…

  • Omaha Zoo - one of the world's best zoos.

    Travel: Omaha Zoo

    The Omaha Zoo – one of the world’s best zoos. From the aquarium to the giraffe habitat, this place is awesome. A must see if you’re ever in Omaha. First, my favourite experience of the whole zoo was the giraffe habitat. I did a whole separate post on it, yet here are a couple of photos for you to sneak a peek. The aquarium is also worth checking out. Not only will you get to escape from the sun, yet you’ll also get to see…

  • Scott Aquarium - a great adventure in Omaha!

    Travel: Scott Aquarium

    Scott Aquarium – one of the features at the Omaha Zoo. This place is full of underwater creatures, some beautiful colours, and breathtaking plants. Let’s check out some of the photos from the aquarium. First, the aquarium is a nice break from the heat. We visited in late July, early August when the temperature was in the high 30s with around 80-85% humidity – talk about hot! Scott Aquarium The underwater colours are amazing – I’m often caught off guard by how colourful plants are…

  • Giraffe Habitat at the Omaha Zoo - one of the best experiences ever!

    Travel: Giraffe Habitat

    The Giraffe Habitat at the Omaha Zoo is an amazing experience. For $5.00, yes five dollars, you can feed a giraffe. This sweet girl is Lolo, she’s an 8-year-old giraffe who loves to eat. Lolo is the coolest. Before they let you in (only one group at a time) the go over some rules. One, don’t touch the giraffe. Two, don’t make any sudden movements, be calm and talk softly. Three, if she takes the whole branch, don’t reach for it! I held onto that…