S'mores: 3ten.ca

Recipe: Gluten Free S’mores

Gluten Free S'mores: 3ten.ca

Gluten free s’mores – yes, summer is still here are it’s time for this camping classic – s’mores.

These are made gluten free by using a recipe I shared this past week – gluten free graham crackers. This summer treat won’t last long, especially over an open fire.

Ingredients: 3ten.ca


First, ensure your fire is going – and that it’s safe. If you’re like me, you don’t want any flames, but rather some nice red embers to roast the marshmallow.

Roasted Marshmallow: 3ten.ca

Now, if you’re a gluten eater you’ve probably heard of people using the chocolate covered cookies as the outer portion of the s’more. It works well – in fact, it works so well that next time I make these gluten free graham crackers I’ll roll them out thinner and possibly dip them in chocolate so they’re s’more ready.

The part that works best about the cookies is that the chocolate isn’t too thick. It melts quickly with the heat of the mallow – believe me, s’mores are the best when the chocolate is melted and oozing down in a sticky mess.

Okay, back to the recipe. Once your marshmallow is roasted, be quick and sandwich it between graham crackers and chocolate.

Gluten Free S'mores: 3ten.ca

Time to eat up!

Gluten Free S'mores: 3ten.ca

We made these while hiking in the backcountry of Elk Island. That day was so much fun – and these s’mores made the hike all worth while.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a few chances to make some gluten free s’mores before summer is over. Bye!

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