• Treats!

    Recipe St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Dough Rice Krispies

    St. Patrick’s Day cookie dough rice krispies and they’re gluten free! These special green jewelled treats are just in time to celebrate the day of green – oh, and they’re delicious frozen. Aren’t all treats so good frozen? Okay, let’s get baking. Ingredients The gluten free rice krispie recipe I use is a classic! I’ve even made it with Skor, Reese’s, or plain and they’re all super tasty. With any rice krispies, my go to cereal is Nature’s Path – it holds up well and I love that it’s gluten…

  • Mexico City Lunch Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Lunch Eats

    Mexico City lunch eats! One of the trickiest meals for a Celiac while travelling is lunch, yet these CDMX eats don’t disappoint. Check out these three places and you’ll be one happy traveller! Why is lunch so hard while travelling? For me, it’s because our location changes from day-to-day. For breakfast, our starting point is the hotel, so it’s easy to navigate. Same with dinner, after a day of sightseeing we usually make our way back to the hotel before heading out for dinner. So…

  • Valentine's Day Cookie Dough Rice Krispies

    Recipe: Valentine’s Day Cookie Dough Rice Krispies

    Gluten free Valentine’s Day cookie dough rice krispies. Say what? These chewy rice krispies are topped with gluten free cookie dough (I know!) and then dipped in chocolate and dusted with sprinkles. They’re so tasty. The chewy marshmallow treat is a great base for the sweetness of the GF cookie dough. Okay, let’s get baking! Ingredients The rice krispie recipe I use is a classic! Try it with Skor, Reese’s, or plain works, too. With any rice krispies, my go to cereal is Nature’s Path.…

  • Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Mexico City breakfast eats! When we travel we usually eat hearty breakfasts to give us enough energy to sustain a heck of a lot of walking. Eating gluten free is usually quite easy with breakfast, from eggs, potatoes, and fruit, it’s one of the easier meals to accommodate being a celiac. Okay, let’s check out some eats! Mexico City Breakfast Eats First up, we ate at our Hyatt’s Rulfo for the 4 mornings before each F1 race day, and on our last day. My favourite?…

  • Gluten Free Pumpkin Oat Muffins

    Recipe: Gluten Free Pumpkin Oat Muffins

    Gluten free pumpkin oat muffins – some with semi-sweet chocolate chips, too! These are made on the healthier side and are a good tide-over snack mid morning or afternoon. Okay, let’s gather our ingredients and bake up. Ingredients First, set the oven to 325 on bake and get our your muffin tin. I used liners, yet you can just spray with canola oil if you’re out of liners. Then, mix the first 7 ingredients in a bowl – mix until well blended. Next, in a…

  • Loaded Kale Salad

    Recipe: Loaded Kale Salad

    Loaded kale salad is a take on the go-to grab bag salad at the grocery store – the one with seven super foods! Here we’ve got some added goodness from turkey bacon to some goat cheese to load things up. Okay, let’s get cooking – I’m hungry! Ingredients First, get out your cast iron skillet and add the butter to a low-medium pan. Add the turkey bacon and cook through, then dice into small bits and set aside. If you’re looking for a more unified…

  • Hearty Winter Salad

    Recipe: Hearty Winter Salad

    Hearty winter salad time. What makes a winter salad? To me it’s got apples, or a dense fruit, some hearty lettuce, and perhaps even some sweet potatoes. This salad doesn’t have any potatoes, yet it’s full of nuts and goodness. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients First, wash and dry the kale and romaine lettuce. Then, cut the kale (stems and all) into thin pieces. Chop the romaine a little larger, into about 1 inch pieces. Next, make the dressing. If you’re going to be eating the…