Elk Island Backcountry: 3ten.ca

Travel: Elk Island Backcountry

Elk Island Backcountry: 3ten.ca

Elk Island backcountry – for our 8th wedding anniversary celebration we headed out to Elk Island to experience some down time. We hiked, had a fire, neglected to set up our tent when it was nice, got caught in the rain and finished the trip off with a paddleboard.

The backcountry camp sites are about 4km from the nearest parking lot – Oster Lake. Check out this huge bison in our way – well, we’re actually on his turf.

Hiking: 3ten.ca

One of the first things we do is get fire going. We packed in some habanero spiced chicken and onions to make kabobbs. So good. Plus, turning the chicken slowly is therapeutic.

Fire Roasted Chicken: 3ten.ca

Since we didn’t set up our tent right away we got caught in the rain. Happy we had rain gear, though!

We got new Stormtech jackets after the west coast trail. The ones we got for the trail didn’t breath at all which makes for an uncomfortable rainy experience. If you’re in the market for a hiking rain jacket, then check them out!

Elk Island Backcountry: 3ten.ca

In the morning we checked out Bison Loop and saw this beauty – along with about 78 other bison. It was so awesome.

Elk Island Bison: 3ten.ca

Lastly, we finished up with a paddleboard.

We have two Pelican boards and as we were paddling around one of the islands we saw these two beautifully white pelicans hunting fish. It was pretty fitting since we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary and pelicans, like most birds, mate for life. I love my mate!

Paddleboarding: 3ten.ca

Overall, if you get the opportunity, check out the Elk Island backcountry. It’s a great way to live in the moment. Plus, I’m a sucker for roasted food over an open fire. Enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to have fun this summer!

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