• Coliseum trail in Nordegg - a great climb!

    Travel: Coliseum Trail

    Coliseum trail – an awesome hike in Nordegg, Alberta. You can hike this 15km hike in around 5 hours, and it’ll make you sweat with all the switchbacks. I’ll admit, it gets a tad tedious, yet the views through the trees, the cool air, and the freshness of nature are worth it! Check out our photos. Coliseum Trail First – know your area, plan ahead, and make sure you have a plan! Also, this isn’t the only trail on Coliseum Mountain, so be sure to…

  • Windy Ridge Point is a 5km trail in Nordegg - it's hard, yet rewarding!

    Travel: Windy Point Ridge

    Windy Point Ridge is a 5km hard hiking trail in Nordegg, Alberta. It’s gives you an awesome view of Lake Abraham, and has a nice trailhead area where you can park, have a picnic, and even take a dip to cool off if you like! Okay – let’s check out some of these photos of us, and Daphne, too! Let’s hike. Windy Point Ridge First before we jump into some photos, how do we find trails? All Trails of course! Great site, and you can…

  • Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail is a wonderful hike full of artist lookouts, crashing saves, and massive trees.

    Travel: Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail

    Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail – just about 25 km south of Tofino, this trail is diverse, full of breathtaking views, and has some of the largest cedar trees on the island. Okay – let’s checkout the trail and our hike! Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail First, checkout the map – it’s detailed, full of many paths, and has some great lookout points. One trail we wanted to do, yet picked another activity instead (well worth it – and I’ll share later) was the lighthouse loop, looks…

  • National Pacific Rim Hike - one of the top hikes on Vancouver Island. Check out the beauty!

    Travel: National Pacific Rim Hike

    National Pacific Rim hike – such beauty. This hike was about 7-8 kilometres and took us just over 2 hours, yet we stopped for a picnic and took our time. When we bought our park pass the park ranger told us one of the nicest hike was to combine trail 3, 4, and 5, walking back to our car on Wick Road. Great advice! We ate lunch just before trail 5 and added the road portion to the end of our trail. Okay, let’s check…

  • Tofino snapshot - some great hiking, delicious food, and one awesome travel buddy!

    Travel: Tofino Snapshot

    Tofino snapshot – we spent a glorious long weekend in Tofino at the end of April. Beautiful hiking, delicious food, and the best company I could ask for! Check out a few photos and I’ll be sure to share more soon. Tofino Snapshot You might know we’ve been to Vancouver Island before – hiking the West Coast Trail was an epic experience – but we’ve never been to the northern part of the Pacific Rim National Park. Tofino has a laidback vibe, full of easy…

  • Siffleur Falls Hike: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Siffleur Falls Hike

    Siffleur Falls hike – this easy, yet wonderful hike is about 3.5 hours from our home. The trail is full of mountain views, fresh air and clear glacier running water. If you’re looking for a backcountry experience then give this hike a try! It’s about 1.5 hours north of Lake Louise, and about 2.5 hours east of Red Deer – on highway 11. The drive itself is beautiful, too! You know who loved this hike? Daphne! She’s a total mountain dog and loves jumping up…

  • Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Hiking in Jasper

    Hiking in Jasper – beautiful lakes, marvellous mountains, and fresh air is what hiking in the backcountry is all about. We visited Jasper a few weeks ago and followed all the travel protocols that are in place and it was a blast. So nice to get away and spend some time outside. Okay, let’s check out some photos from our hike. Hiking in Jasper We hiked the five lakes trail. The trail wasn’t quiet (we most certainly saw people), yet it wasn’t packed either. Look…