Big Ass Fan:

Project: Big Ass Fan

Big Ass Fan:

First, know that this fan is actually a brand of Big Ass Fans. No, I’m not cussing – it’s the real name, and I believe their logo is a donkey, aka, an ass.

Okay, you can see the before and how little the fan is – I think it’s a standard ceiling fan, so about 4 or so feet. The new one is an i6 and it’s 84 inches, so 7 feet. So much bigger!

We had to get scaffolding to install it – 15 feet of scaffolding! The ceiling is 22 feet, so this gave just enough room to reach up and install the down-rod (60 inches).


So high!


Okay, time for the new fan. It has a light, which is way brighter than we thought it was going to be, and we can control the fan via our phones. Total score.

Doesn’t it look so much better than the before? It’s bright, big, and adds an industrial looks to our cedar home. We’ve had it in for about 7 weeks and we love it.

Big Ass Fan:

The best part about this new fan is how it moves air quietly. I can’t ever hear it running and it has 7 speeds. On the highest speed it feels a little windy, yet we usually keep it on level 1 or 2, and then in the warmer afternoons (we do have AC) we turn it up to 3-5 or so.

Big Ass Fan:

Bryce did such an amazing job researching and finding the best fan to fit our A-frame home. It’s like an art piece in the sky. So awesome.

Big Ass Fan:
Big Ass Fan:

Well, there you have it – one big ass fan. Oh, and a plant light hanging out in the bottom left corner – gotta love plants.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’re staying safe and enjoying the down time. Time for new recipes? Maybe, just maybe!


  • D

    I have a similar cabin ceiling style. Do you think a fan is necessary for this style cabin for winter and summer air flow? I am considering just doing a chandelier but have not lived in the house long enough to know if I really should stick with the fan. Also wondering how you feel about the Big Ass Fan now that its been a while?

    • Ali


      We love it, it makes a huge difference, especially for cooling or keeping the room at a stable temperature. One thing is that when it’s on high (which for us is rare) I can feel the air movement, which is sometimes a plus. It’s super quiet and it runs on low all the time. Our home is south facing (we have blinds and AC), yet love having the fan.

      Hope that helps!

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