• Plants 4.0 - see these beautiful houseplants bathing in the sun.

    Project: Plants 4.0

    Plants 4.0 – check out how big some of our houseplants are getting! A while back I shared a project about plants and the little guy below was all stringy. Well, now, he’s bunched up and full of life. He recently got a spring cut, just to keep him healthy. Okay, let’s check out some of these houseplants – especially compared to the original post, the 2.0, and the 3.0 – plants rock! Plants 4.0 This guy on the left was a Christmas present to…

  • Plants 3.0: 3ten.ca

    Project: Plants 3.0

    Plants 3.0. As I’m sure most of you know, plants come and go. They grow, they die, and sometimes you need to cut them back like the banana tree for them to grow healthier. Well, last year I shared plants 2.0 with you so I thought it was time for a little plant action. Let’s check out some of these beautiful houseplants. Plants 3.0 This guy is huge! I got him back in December 2018 (maybe 2017, nah, I think 2018) as a stocking stuffer…

  • Fireplace Reno: 3ten.ca

    Project: Fireplace Reno

    Fireplace reno! Back in 2015 we swapped out our never used wood burning fireplace for a gas one (that’s when we got a gas stove, too). What we didn’t do, however, was fully decide on how to finish the fireplace. That decision took over 4 years, yet here we are – fireplace reno time! Back when we were trying to decide we went back and forth so many times – stone to the mantel? Stone all the way up the wall? Dark stone, light stone?…

  • Big Ass Fan: 3ten.ca

    Project: Big Ass Fan

    First, know that this fan is actually a brand of Big Ass Fans. No, I’m not cussing – it’s the real name, and I believe their logo is a donkey, aka, an ass. Okay, you can see the before and how little the fan is – I think it’s a standard ceiling fan, so about 4 or so feet. The new one is an i6 and it’s 84 inches, so 7 feet. So much bigger! We had to get scaffolding to install it – 15…

  • Plants: 3ten.ca

    Project: Plants

    Plants! We love plants around our house. Well, in all fairness, Bryce loved plants long before I knew how awesome they were. He bought our very first ficus (I forgot a photo – silly me) about 9 years ago and it’s still going strong. It’s almost as tall as me – so neat. About a year ago I shared a post on pottery – we took a pottery class and made a handful of pots. Well, I wanted to share a little updated on some…

  • Mirror Barn Door: 3ten.ca

    Project: Mirror Barn Door

    Remember back in June of 2013 when we built a barn door for our guest room closet? It’s awesome. Not only did we save a lot of money, we saved space and created a unique statement piece in the room. Well, we’ve decided to update that look and turn the barn door into a mirror barn door and give our guest room some much needed light. The first step, finding a mirror big enough! Let’s get started! Mirror Barn Door Where did we find a…