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Plants! We love plants around our house. Well, in all fairness, Bryce loved plants long before I knew how awesome they were. He bought our very first ficus (I forgot a photo – silly me) about 9 years ago and it’s still going strong. It’s almost as tall as me – so neat.

About a year ago I shared a post on pottery – we took a pottery class and made a handful of pots. Well, I wanted to share a little updated on some of those plants.

If you check out the post, the very first photo, top right, has a twiggy looking plant – that’s the same one as below. Hard to believe how much it’s changed.



This is one of our favourites – it’s a Wandering Jew and it loves the sun.

Wandering Jew:

Okay – this one took us years to find. The small Swiss Cheese plant. We found a large one after hunting for about 2 years, yet it was just far too big. Then, a few weeks ago we happened to find this small one – total score! It’s doing well so far, which is awesome.


This one is a cactus – not too sure what it’s called, I think Fire Sticks since the ends turn bright red in the sun. It loves the south facing window and all that Alberta sun.


Fire Sticks:

Alright, time to share a little before and after with you. This guy is huge – twisting and growing taller by the day. If you see the small version to the left, that’s about twice the size this big guy was only a year ago. I’m so impressed how plants grow so differently.

Long Stock:


Our spider plant started to have babies – look at the little spider plants growing off the ends. It’s happy, making us happy.


Well – there you have it – a little tour of our indoor house plants. Takes Bryce about an hour or so every 4-7 days to water them and it’s time well spent. They clean the air and it’s proven that plants make you feel better.

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