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    Project: Plants

    Plants! We love plants around our house. Well, in all fairness, Bryce loved plants long before I knew how awesome they were. He bought our very first ficus (I forgot a photo – silly me) about 9 years ago and it’s still going strong. It’s almost as tall as me – so neat. About a year ago I shared a post on pottery – we took a pottery class and made a handful of pots. Well, I wanted to share a little updated on some…

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    Project: Pottery

    Project pottery. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is! When I gave you some of the updates in the Summer is Here post I totally forgot to mention that Bryce and I took a pottery class this past spring. 6 classes, each 3 hours long. When we first stopped by the studio I was really curious how many pieces average students can complete in the 6 classes – the teacher’s response was a modest 3-6. Well, 6 classes and 18 hours later we’ve got 20 pieces…