Project: Larry the Boler Before

Larry the Boler Before:

Larry the Boler before – here are all of the before and a few progression photos of our work on this blue beauty. My dad is a huge Detroit Lions fan (man, can then win one soon, please!) and this little gem reminds me of the Lions so much.

We got him last year on a northernly drive about 6 hours north of us. It was such an awesome road trip.

This is Larry.

Larry the Boler Before:

Sure – he looks pretty decent, until you look closer and can see that he was spray painted. Yes, I think with a can. Overspray everywhere.

Secondly – the inside was avocado green. A nice colour, yet not a very good match with the blue.

Before the Reno:

Larry the Boler Before:

We removed the frame and did some reinforcements and a brand new bumper.

Larry the Boler Before:

Frame Off:

Larry the Boler Before:

Each time we do a reno we learn something new – see the holes on the front? Those are original and are about 60% the size of the back lights. What are they? Reflector sockets. We’re not fans of them, nor the ugly rubbery rock protector, so they both gotta go.

Sanding here we come!

Larry the Boler Before:

Larry the Boler Before:

Well, there you are – Larry the Boler before.

Larry the Boler Before:

Stick around for the reveal on Saturday. Do we stick with that bright blue or do we mix it up and pick a different colour? I bet you can guess!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you again soon.


  • Colette

    Hi, thank you for sharing your projects. I purchased a re-ferbed 1973 Boler which I love love. The paint is staring to peel at the front bottom of the trailer due to traveling on gravel roads. Any suggestions on paint? Have you encountered this yet?

    Thank you,

    • Ali

      Hi Colette,

      We’ve used two types of paint – marine grade enamel (we’ve sprayed and rolled) and then automotive paint, that’s what we have on Tipsy. For the rock chips, you could use a rock guard – we’re not fans, since we don’t like the look, yet it might help. Happy Camping!

      Take care,

    • Ali

      Hi Dave!

      We did reinforce the frame – any chance you’re on Instagram? You can see Larry’s finished frame here: or you can see more of the process on a few of the other Boler trailers we’ve done on Instagram, too.

      One of the weak spots on a Boler frame is the front junction right underneath the front of the body. For each trailer we do, the frame is different and we often choose to reinforce a number of areas. Hope that helps!

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