Project: Larry the Boler After

Larry the Boler After:

Larry the Boler after. Ta-Da!!

Here is Larry the Boler after. In all his glory. He’s shining with delight and ready to hit the open road. Too bad there’s snow on the ground right now. Augh.

Larry the Boler After:

We stuck with blue and went for a more bright sky blue with a bit of a warmer undertone than the before colour. Do you like it? We love it!

Trailer Couch:

These cozy camper cushions are also a great touch – they warm up the light and bright inside and add some texture. They’re a little fuzzy and so fun.

Trailer Bed:

Boler Kitchen:

The back section folds down to a bed or you can set it up as a dinette.

Boler Dinette:

A bunk or a couch in the front? You pick!

The bonus is that it’s pretty easy to transfer the couch to the bunk – so easy that you could do it every morning. And, underneath the bottom bunk there is quite a bit of storage, too.

Larry the Boler After:

Matching propane tank and a new jack. It’s like Larry is all ready to hit the road. Time for camping buddy, especially with those new safety chains.

Propane Tank:

Larry the Boler After:

Larry the Boler After:

This blue beauty was one of my favourite to renovate. Maybe it’s because we took him camping in his original state to Kootenay, or maybe it’s just because he’s so bright and fun. Either way, we’re proud.

Larry the Boler After:

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out Larry the Boler after his renovation. We hope to be camping again soon – it’s just too chilly right now.

See you on the road camper friends.

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