Treat Bags:

Project: Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats:

Halloween treats – yes, treat bags for the trick-or-treaters tonight.

Halloween Treats

Each year I put together about a dozen treat bags for the children who trek out to our house in the country. I don’t know why, yet I feel like since there aren’t that many houses around we should give bigger treats. Does that even make sense?

So, this year I’ve got popcorn, full sized chocolate bars, halloween ring pops, fizz candy, and some other items, too.

Halloween Treats:

I also picked up these spooky treat bags since they were so cheap. The little ones, well those are for my ‘back-up’ treat bags. Does anyone else get anxiety about running out of candy? I do – and when I’m making treat bags for about $2.50 per kid, 12 seems like enough – I’m not really interested in making 10 backup. Who wants that much extra candy around their house? So, this year I decided to make little treat bags to ease the anxiety of running out.

Halloween Treats:

Everything all laid out – 12 large bags and 6 smaller ones.

Halloween Treats:

Halloween Treats:

They are filled to the brim!

Halloween Treats:

Halloween Treats:

Now, the best part is we won’t snack on the candy since it’s all packed up nicely.

Halloween Treats:

Ah – Gorilla Tape! There are two boys who live down the road from us and one of them stops by in the summer about 2 times a week when we’re working outside. He just hangs out and chats. One thing he usually mentions (he’s brought it up about 3 times) is that he really wants Gorilla Tape to build a fort, yet his dad won’t let him use it because it’s too expensive. Makes perfect sense.

Well, kiddo – here you go. Your favourite colour Gatorade and some Gorilla Tape of your own.

Halloween Treats:

For the Dogs

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before. Treats for dogs on Halloween. What! Yes. Bella and Lily loved Halloween, mostly because they loved all the commotion going on and found it exciting. More people to check out, smell – so fun!

Well, this year I wanted to include them somehow, yet in a slight, sweet way. So, I hunted down some individually wrapped dog treats. Yes! Total score. These meaty sticks were 2.69$ at Pet Value and were actually on sale, by one get one. So I got 8 for around 11.50$. The best part is, they’ll stay fresh for other pup visits even if we don’t use them all.

Who thinks that in the next 3-5 years Halloween dog treats will be more of a regular thing? I do!

Halloween Dog Treats:

Happy Halloween – I hope you’re having a spooktacular day!

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