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    Projects: Halloween Treat Bags 2019

    Halloween Treat Bags 2019 – what are you giving out for Halloween this year? We’ve got KitKat bars – the chunky ones I used to love before having to go gluten free. And, we’ve got hot chocolate, ring pops, and Jurassic Park pop-rocks. Total score. We live in the country and the kiddos show up on quads, side-by-sides or even mini-vans that are like clown-cars. How many people can fit in one of those things?! Since there aren’t too many houses on our block we…

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    Project: Halloween Treats

    Halloween treats – yes, treat bags for the trick-or-treaters tonight. Halloween Treats Each year I put together about a dozen treat bags for the children who trek out to our house in the country. I don’t know why, yet I feel like since there aren’t that many houses around we should give bigger treats. Does that even make sense? So, this year I’ve got popcorn, full sized chocolate bars, halloween ring pops, fizz candy, and some other items, too. I also picked up these spooky…

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    Project: Trick or Treat Bags

    It’s almost halloween which means it’s time for trick-or-treat bags! I got these ready for Tuesday night since Monday is a busy day. Last year we only had two kiddos, yet we’ve had a house go for sale in the area and I have no idea if they have zero or 9 children. Basically, I want to be prepared. Plus, having a couple of leftover treats isn’t a bad thing, right? Trick or Treat Bags First, stop at the Dollar Store. Here, the trick is…

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    Projects: Halloween Treats

    Halloween Treats Yes. It’s Halloween – the holiday of candy – tomorrow. Are you ready? We are. You know I like to make big treats for the kiddos in our neighbourhood. There aren’t that many houses on the block and, well, the driveway is long. So they should get a special treat. I never know how many trick-or-treaters we’re going to get. In 2012, our first year, I was managing a bar and I totally forgot the next day was Halloween. So I stopped at…

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    Project: Halloween Tin Lanterns

    Halloween tin lanterns – the perfect way to light up your porch for the little trick-or-treaters. This project is easy and although it takes a bit of time, it’s fun. Try it…all you need to do is eat a lot of corn and have a lot of coffee! What You Need tins (I used cans of corn and pumpkin can) nail hammer sharpie paint candle First – wash out your tins and take the labels off. Fill the tin cans with water and freeze them.…