Projects: Halloween Treat Bags 2019

Halloween Treat Bags:

Halloween Treat Bags 2019 – what are you giving out for Halloween this year? We’ve got KitKat bars – the chunky ones I used to love before having to go gluten free. And, we’ve got hot chocolate, ring pops, and Jurassic Park pop-rocks. Total score.

We live in the country and the kiddos show up on quads, side-by-sides or even mini-vans that are like clown-cars. How many people can fit in one of those things?! Since there aren’t too many houses on our block we give out little treat bags full of different items.

The key, however, is that each item is individually wrapped for safety, of course. I’d love to bake for the neighbourhood, yet I know that no one would eat it and all that hard work would most likely go to waste. Plus, who doesn’t love ring pops?

Halloween Treat Bags

  • chocolate bars
  • pixi stix
  • drink mix
  • hot chocolate
  • gummies
  • fun dips
  • pop rockets
  • candy rings

It takes me about an hour to put all the bags together. I usually lay everything out being fair and diverse with colours. No one wants 3 lemon tootie-chews, right?! Nah. The blue ones are the best, so I try and mix it up.

Then I package them up individually and tie them with ribbon.

Halloween Treat Bags:

Don’t they look so fun and ready for those trick-or-treaters? Treats, no tricks.

Here’s a close look as to what’s in each bag.


All ready for tomorrow night. I made 20 bags – I’m sure wishing that only 18 show up so I can snack on one of those Mirage bars. They’re gluten free, right? Ah…I’ll check. Looks like it! Score.

Halloween Treat Bags:

Well, there you have it. Little Halloween Treat Bags for our neighbourhood. Hope you’re all staying warm and getting ready for the spookiest night!

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to pack some Halloween candy in your lunch on Friday – you’ll be happy you did!

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