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    Projects: Halloween Treat Bags 2019

    Halloween Treat Bags 2019 – what are you giving out for Halloween this year? We’ve got KitKat bars – the chunky ones I used to love before having to go gluten free. And, we’ve got hot chocolate, ring pops, and Jurassic Park pop-rocks. Total score. We live in the country and the kiddos show up on quads, side-by-sides or even mini-vans that are like clown-cars. How many people can fit in one of those things?! Since there aren’t too many houses on our block we…

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    Project: Trick or Treat Bags

    It’s almost halloween which means it’s time for trick-or-treat bags! I got these ready for Tuesday night since Monday is a busy day. Last year we only had two kiddos, yet we’ve had a house go for sale in the area and I have no idea if they have zero or 9 children. Basically, I want to be prepared. Plus, having a couple of leftover treats isn’t a bad thing, right? Trick or Treat Bags First, stop at the Dollar Store. Here, the trick is…