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Travel: Hyde Park

Hyde Park: 3ten.ca

Hyde Park is one of those beautiful places that centre around love, peacefulness, and a sense of coming together. You feel all of those things when you’re in Hyde Park.

We visited on a Sunday morning – we picked up what we call a walking breakfast (shakes, bars, fruit – anything you can hold and eat while you walk). After getting on the tube from Aldgate East we got off at Hyde Park Corner.

Our first sight was this monument – and we even got to see horses and guards march through at 10am.

Hyde Park

London: 3ten.ca

We spent about an hour or 75 minutes walking around Hyde Park just enjoying the sunny day, people sailing mini boats, and dogs playing fetch (or chasing ducks). Poor ducks.

Hyde Park: 3ten.ca

The park is huge – and if you’re tight on time, make you sure you check out the map. That way you won’t get lost or turned around.

Hyde Park: 3ten.ca

The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is in Hyde Park and it’s pretty simple. The best part, however, is that you can actually play in the fountain. It’s like every child’s dream to see water on a warm day and just want to stick their feet it. Well, here you can – it’s encouraged! Even the ducks like it.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain: 3ten.ca

To the west are the Kensington Gardens – the main walkway that runs north/south and crosses right in front of Kensington Palace is worth the walk.

Kensington Palace: 3ten.ca

Right now there are 5 families living in the apartments of Kensington Palace including William and Kate. Princess Diana and Queen Vitoria also lived here once.

Kensington Palace: 3ten.ca

Overall, this place is worth the visit. Grab a coffee and head out for a walk.

If you’re from Canada, you might notice that the greenery isn’t as green. If you look to the right in the photo above, the grass is yellow and dry. A lot of the park area is like that. Bryce and I found it odd being a Royal Park and all, yet maybe London just hasn’t had a lot of rain this year.

Hyde Park: 3ten.ca

Either way, sitting on a park bench and people watching is a great way to spend some time. Happy travelling!

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