Metro in Paris:

Travel: Metro in Paris

Metro in Paris:

Metro in Paris is an easy way to get around. It’s flexible and the schedule is full of so many trains coming and going.

The one tricky part is the tickets. We got the carnet in a 10 pack, so for 14.90 euro. A good deal. Now, what’s tricky? The part is how they are used. We were told by the metro agent that the tickets are only good for one way – no transfers. Yet on more than 7 occasions (and actually just not on 2) the carnet worked for transfers.

My suggestion, try the old ticket and see! Couldn’t turn too much, right?

Metro in Paris

First, it’s often hard to find the station. They’re all different and some look like art – see the one station entrance below.

It’s not like in London when you take the tube and the Underground signs are posted at each entrance. Nope, not so clear. Yet, once you know what you’re sort of looking for, it’s easy. Just maybe give yourself a few extra minutes if you’re tight on time. It’s certainly more difficult to find things when you’re frustrated.


Some of the stations underground are like art exhibits all on their own.

Metro in Paris:

Arts et Métiers is one of my favourites – it’s all copper and made me feel like I’m in a submarine. Worth the stop, that’s for sure.

Arts et Métiers:

The trains are usually full. For me, taking transit is sometimes an adventure all in itself. Small things like trying to figure out how to get off the metro and get the door open. Well, for me, on my first ride I watch and learn. No way I want to get caught as the silly tourist who can’t open the door. Me, silly?

No way, I learn like a pro!

Overall, the metro in Paris is worth it. Ride the train, people watch and learn a thing or two about the way of life in this beautifully fashionable city.

Metro in Paris:

Thanks so much for visiting. Do you take public transit when you travel? One of my all time favourites is the Chicago L Train. So neat.

Take care and see you again soon!

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