Montparnasse Tower Day Time:

Travel: Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse Tower:

Montparnasse Tower – the best views in Paris. Well, to see the city, anyway. We got the 48 hour pass, where you could visit twice – once during the day and then again at night. Well worth it. The views are so different at night versus during the day. Be sure to check it out for some awesome city views.

Montparnasse Tower

No need to buy your ticket ahead of time – there is no cost savings (or wasn’t at the time we went) and it’s not very busy, unless you’re only going at night. Be sure to check out their site for the latest prices.

Montparnasse Tower:

At dusk it was packed! So busy that I had to ask a group of people if they’d let me in to get at least 1 or 2 photos. They kindly let me in for about 4 minutes. Then we just hovered in another spot until we could wedge our way in for an unobstructed view.

Day Time

Montparnasse Tower Day Time:

You can see so much of the city on a clear day – it’s beautiful.

Do you believe that I’m holding up the Eiffel Tower? Nope. You’re too smart for that. Ha-ha. Still, it was fun to visit in the am – only about 12 people right at opening. When we travel, we’re early risers.

What are you doing:

The sun was so bright in in our eyes big time. Worth it though – the perfect weather for city walking!

Montparnasse Tower:

Night Time

The biggest thing about visiting the Montparnasse Tower is that sunset happens once, during a set period of time – so it’s crowded. The next thing, you might have to be flexible in your schedule to ensure you visit on a clear and bright day.

Montparnasse Tower:

At dusk we spent about an hour there – from about 7:40pm until about 8:35pm – then we hustled to catch the metro at 8:50pm for our dinner that evening.

If you’re looking to take a bunch of photos and want to ensure you’ve got a good spot, then you might want to be there earlier – yet you could always just ask people to move so you can take a photo or two – worked for us.

Montparnasse Tower Night:

Night time is so different than the day time – and we couldn’t decide on which we liked better, hence the 48 hour pass – and at only 30 Canadian, it was well worth the cost. Especially since you can stay as long as you like.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy some city sights on your next travel adventure.

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