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    Travel: Europe in a Carry On

    Europe in a carry-on. That’s right, it’s time to travel. Off the continent again. I remember the first time Bryce and I left the continent (well, we’d been to Maui, yet that was well before the blog). We were headed to Hong Kong and then onto South East Asia with our 33L backpacks. This time, I’m packing in a carry on that’s 40L – my Briggs and Riley carry-on traveller suitcase. And I’ll also be bringing my 20L tote. I got this tote last year when we were…

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    Travel: Europe Outfits

    Europe outfits – what to wear and what not to wear. What? Why this post? Well, we’re headed to Europe on Friday – so fun, right? Don’t worry about our plants, we have someone to watch them each day. They’re in good hands. Okay, for this trip, I’ll be packing light just like when we headed to Mexico, but first, it’s outfit planning time. The first step to packing light is to pack pieces that compliment each other and that work in multiple ways. I…

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    Travel: Trip Planning

    Trip planning is a bit of an art – like event planning, or even hosting dinner parties. It’s not for everyone and there are many different styles to choose from. For me, I love trip planning and I’ve gotten a few questions on my process, so I thought I’d put together a post on some tips, tricks, and things that work for me. Tip One Getting a reasonable deal on flights is key – yet it’s not the only factor. Flights to New York City might…

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    Travel: Akumal, Mexico

    We visited Akumal, Mexico in February for just over two weeks. Northern Alberta was freezing at the time, minus 37 on the coldest day the week before we left. So, we packed up – I packed in a carry on – and away we went. Did you see our little snapshot while we were there? If not, here are all the details! Akumal, Mexico is about 90 minutes south of Cancun and it’s a small little place. It has a handful of restaurants, a small…

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    Travel: Beach Must Haves

    Beach must haves – here are the top 9 items I need to hit the beach. Now, I’m not a beach girl at heart. Nope, put me on the beach and I’ll probably last 3 hours, and only if that includes a snack and lunch. On our recent trip to Akumal, Mexico I lasted an amazing 6 hours. Two key reasons. One, it included two snacks and lunch. Two, we got a cabana. The shade and comfort is key. Now, I still don’t think I…