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    Travel: Akumal, Mexico

    We visited Akumal, Mexico in February for just over two weeks. Northern Alberta was freezing at the time, minus 37 on the coldest day the week before we left. So, we packed up – I packed in a carry on – and away we went. Did you see our little snapshot while we were there? If not, here are all the details! Akumal, Mexico is about 90 minutes south of Cancun and it’s a small little place. It has a handful of restaurants, a small…

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    Travel: Beach Must Haves

    Beach must haves – here are the top 9 items I need to hit the beach. Now, I’m not a beach girl at heart. Nope, put me on the beach and I’ll probably last 3 hours, and only if that includes a snack and lunch. On our recent trip to Akumal, Mexico I lasted an amazing 6 hours. Two key reasons. One, it included two snacks and lunch. Two, we got a cabana. The shade and comfort is key. Now, I still don’t think I…

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    Travel: Paddleboarding

    Paddleboarding on Christina Creek! This summer we spent a little over a week in Christina Lake with family – that’s where we were headed when we stopped at Margo’s Farm. The weather was hot and one way to cool off was to take the paddleboards for a spin on the creek. These photos are taken with my iPhone since I don’t have a waterproof bag for my camera, so don’t mind the picture quality. Here we go! Paddleboarding The place we stayed at backed up…

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    Travel: Margo’s Farm

    Margo’s farm – the best peaches and cherries I’ve ever had. On our recent trip to British Columbia this summer we stopped over in Fernie, BC. One of the main reasons is because we wanted to take advantage of some of the farmer’s markets along the way.  Farmer’s markets are just the best – they’re full of so much goodness and wonderful people. Cranbrook and Creston both hold markets on Saturdays in the summer. So, we left on Friday, stayed in the Boler in Fernie…

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    Travel: Going-to-the-Sun Road 2.0

    Going-to-the-Sun Road 2.0. Yes – we fully completed the famous road heading through Glacier National Park. Last year we only completed 13.5 of the 50 miles. I can’t fully express how beautiful the drive is, seriously. You need to see it for yourself. Going-to-the-Sun Road 2.0 A bear! Yes, we saw a small grizzly cub – I didn’t get a very good shot, yet I was fully stretched out of the truck. Bryce was like “I think he’s far enough away that you could get…