Paris Eats:

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Paris Eats:

Paris eats – here are some of our favourite places to eat in Paris, France. I’m a celiac so it’s a bit tricky for me when travelling, and to top that off, I’m not a huge fan of French food. I know, right?!

Part of trip planning for me often involves searching out restaurants and making sure they have something GF. Since, as I’m sure you can relate, it’s so frustrating when I’m hungry, in a city I don’t know, and I can’t find food. Yes, there are worse things, yet it still sucks.

On our trip only one place let us down. I called and emailed – they had GF options. The line was about 40 minutes and when I triple checked with the host about GF options she said nope – nothing. Nothing? Nothing. Augh!

Okay, onward to what we did eat.

Paris Eats

Best thing I ate? This chocolate croissant from Helmut Newcake. The best, seriously. We ate here twice, it was that good.

Gluten Free Chocolate Croissant:
Gluten Free Chocolate Croissant:

It was so good we went back the next day and I got 3. Yes, 3 – 2 for the road, though.

They have so many options and they’re so friendly. Check them out if you get the chance.

Paris Eats:

Okay – for a quick bite, try these tacos from El Nopal Taqueria, especially if you’re headed up to Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The tortillas are made fresh and the flavour is delicious.

Paris Eats:
Tacos in Paris:

Another great place we ate at was Kapunka – spicy Thai food and they’re open late, too. Well, maybe not for Paris, but compared to Edmonton, they’re open late.

Paris Eats:

Oh, and of course we had a full breakfast at a cafe around the corner from our Hotel. Such great eats.

Paris Eats:

Overall, we enjoyed all of our food in Paris. Those gluten free chocolate croissants though, the best thing I think I’ve eaten in the last few years (as far as ‘bread’ goes, if that makes sense).

Thanks so much for visiting and happy travelling – and eating!

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