• Cafe in Sarina

    Travel: Cafe in Sarina

    This cafe in Sarina is one of the best food experiences I’ve had! If you’re ever travelling south of Cape Hillsborough in Queensland, Australia, be sure to check out the Roots Collective – you’ll be happy you did! Okay – I found this place on Google Maps of all places. We were leaving Cape Hillsborough for Kinka Beach and needed a place to stop for lunch. After looking in Sarina, the halfway point, I stumbled across this sweet place – it wasn’t the Roots Collective,…

  • Quintonil - Restaurant Review

    Travel: Mexico City Eats

    Mexico City eats – where to eat in one of the best cities in the world?! From breakfast to dinner, and even a few lunch spots, this post has you covered. Okay, let’s check out some restaurants and some food photos. Mexico City Eats First up, know that I’m gluten free and all of the places below had delicious and safe food! I didn’t get sick once and feel very confident when ordering. Breakfast When we travel breakfast is a much bigger deal – we…

  • Mexico City Dinner Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Dinner Eats

    Mexico City dinner eats! We ate at some of the worlds top restaurants and below I’ll share some food photos, the names of the restaurants, and a few details of our delicious experiences. Okay, let’s check out some CDMC eats! Mexico City Dinner Eats We ate at 6 fantastic restaurants and they’re listed below in order with our favourite at the top. Don’t get me wrong, they were all great and worth visiting – we’d go back to each place, without a doubt! Quintonil Okay,…

  • Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Mexico City breakfast eats! When we travel we usually eat hearty breakfasts to give us enough energy to sustain a heck of a lot of walking. Eating gluten free is usually quite easy with breakfast, from eggs, potatoes, and fruit, it’s one of the easier meals to accommodate being a celiac. Okay, let’s check out some eats! Mexico City Breakfast Eats First up, we ate at our Hyatt’s Rulfo for the 4 mornings before each F1 race day, and on our last day. My favourite?…

  • Omaha Dinner Eats - some of the best restaurants in Omaha for dinner.

    Travel: Omaha Dinner Eats

    Omaha dinner eats – some of the best restaurants in Omaha for dinner. My favourite? M’s Pub! Yet I’ll share a few other top picks, too. Okay, let’s check out some awesome eats. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Omaha Breakfast or Omaha Lunch eats if you haven’t already. Omaha Dinner Eats M’s Pub The Boiler Room Jams First, M’s Pub is great for a casual dinner, especially if you’re in the Old Market. It’s classic old-school pub food, with meat sandwiches, french onion…

  • Omaha Breakfast Eats - the best spots to start your morning!

    Travel: Omaha Breakfast Eats

    Omaha breakfast eats! When we travel, breakfast is one of my favourite meals. From eggs to corn grits, Omaha doesn’t disappoint on the breakfast front. Let’s check out some eats! Omaha Breakfast Eats Lula B’s Kitchen Table CTRL We at at Lula B’s first, since it was right across the street from our Downtown Omaha Hotel. It’s good, decent food. Better than hotel food, yet basic and not gourmet at all. It’s Mexican themed, which is great for being gluten free. Plus, I’m a huge…

  • Park MGM: 3ten.ca

    Travel: 4 Days in Las Vegas

    4 days in Las Vegas, Nevada. This past January, before increased travel restrictions, we headed to Las Vegas for 4 days. The trip was full of shows, food, and fun. 4 Days in Las Vegas We stayed at the new Park MGM – such a great spot. Quality rooms and a great location. Plus, we had a stunning view of the strip. On our first night we saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kà and had dinner Momofuku. The show was awesome and the food at Momofuku…