Park MGM:

Travel: 4 Days in Las Vegas

4 Days in Las Vegas:

4 days in Las Vegas, Nevada. This past January, before increased travel restrictions, we headed to Las Vegas for 4 days. The trip was full of shows, food, and fun.

4 Days in Las Vegas

We stayed at the new Park MGM – such a great spot. Quality rooms and a great location. Plus, we had a stunning view of the strip.

On our first night we saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kà and had dinner Momofuku. The show was awesome and the food at Momofuku was okay – yup, just okay.

The next day we saw Cirque du Soleil’s O and ate at Best Friend and Joël Robuchon. Those purple velvet benches are all they’re dreamed up to be…oh, and the potatoes. Joël Robuchon’s restaurant is one of the best dining experiences ever. Not only is the food delicious, the experience – like picking out your own bread – is so much fun.

4 Days in Las Vegas:
4 Days in Las Vegas:
4 Days in Las Vegas:

We also had some snacks throughout our trip. Milk Bar, Eggslut, and mashup of Chinese Mexican food that Bryce found – China Poblano.

Milk Bar:

Okay, about Eggslut – it’s good, super good. The issue I have is with the overzealous dudes in line who continually like to say the name in such a dirty way. They have a menu item called Eggslut, which makes sense, it’s the restaurants name. Yet when it’s time to pick up our order these 3 guys behind me in line are like “are these our sluts?” The chef just sort of looked at them. I found their question distasteful, yet the chef’s look made up for it. Then again, we’re in Vegas, so it should be expected, right? Either way, the food is worth the lineup.

Best Friend Las Vegas:

If you only have time for one restaurant in Las Vegas, make it Roy Choi’s Best Friend. And, if you only can eat one thing, get the buttermilk fried chicken – it’s GF and amazing. Really, it’s so good!

We also ate at Border Grill, which is one of our all-time favourite places, The Henry, and hit up a Chipotle. Well, there you have it – a quick little tour of how we spent 4 days in Las Vegas. Oh, we saw Carrot Top, too! I loved the show, and didn’t think I would – pleasantly surprised. Happy and safe travels!

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