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    Travel: 4 Days in Las Vegas

    4 days in Las Vegas, Nevada. This past January, before increased travel restrictions, we headed to Las Vegas for 4 days. The trip was full of shows, food, and fun. 4 Days in Las Vegas We stayed at the new Park MGM – such a great spot. Quality rooms and a great location. Plus, we had a stunning view of the strip. On our first night we saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kà and had dinner Momofuku. The show was awesome and the food at Momofuku…

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    Travel: Las Vegas Snapshot

    We’re in Las Vegas! So, let’s check out this Las Vegas Snapshot for a quick little highlight of our trip thus far. With 3 nights and 4 full, very full days, we’ve done a lot and still have a lot to do! Leaving the freezing cold of Edmonton (it was -44 with the windchill in the past week – happy we’re not there, now) for the warm fall-like days of January in Nevada, we’re happy. Happy sleeping in, seeing shows (oh, the shows!) and enjoying…

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    Photos: Las Vegas Neon

    On our recent and most likely our last trip to Las Vegas for awhile (time to visit other cities!) we toured some vintage neon. Below you’ll find some beautiful, old and iconic neon signs. Enjoy! The tour of the Neon Boneyard Park is so worth the visit. The tour and the stories are so awesome – these pictures don’t clearly convey the vastness of it all. Hearing all the interesting background stories on the photos above is worth the visit. Give yourself a couple of…