Travel: Las Vegas Snapshot

We’re in Las Vegas! So, let’s check out this Las Vegas Snapshot for a quick little highlight of our trip thus far. With 3 nights and 4 full, very full days, we’ve done a lot and still have a lot to do!

Leaving the freezing cold of Edmonton (it was -44 with the windchill in the past week – happy we’re not there, now) for the warm fall-like days of January in Nevada, we’re happy. Happy sleeping in, seeing shows (oh, the shows!) and enjoying some of the most fantastic eats.

On Monday we saw Kà and on Tuesday we saw O. I heard wonderful things about both before our trip, yet I will say they are very different. I didn’t know much about Kà, so expectations weren’t so high, I guess. Thus I was presently surprised by the story and the intimate nature of the theatre. Bryce is a huge water fan and enjoyed O. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed O, just not sure about the story like in Kà. Both worth seeing, though – really.

We’ve also had some great meals – this Las Vegas Snapshot won’t go into too much detail, yet know we’ve enjoyed Best Friend and Joël Robuchon’s restaurant at the MGM Grand. Both worth the travel, really.

Lastly, know that even though we’ve been to Vegas before, it’s worth visiting again for the shows, the food and the quick and easy flights from Edmonton. We haven’t done much else then take in the sights, see some shows and eat. One of the best ‘downtime’ vacations we’ve had in a while. Time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for a full detail on our 4 days in Las Vegas in the next month or so.

Safe travels – even if you’re travelling near or far, either way, sleep-ins are the best.

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