Eiffel Tower: 3ten.ca

Travel: Eiffel Tower Paris

Eiffel Tower: 3ten.ca

The Eiffel Tower Paris is one of those icon worldly travel sights you just need to see. Even if you don’t travel up to the top, or spend much time there, you need to just look out the window of your taxi to see it.

For me, it’s like a symbol of yes, I’m a traveller. I made it the 7000+ km across the ocean. So cool.

The weird part, it’s a bit ugly. Brown, not black, and for reasons I can appreciate, the base is fully enclosed by large barricades and a long security line.

The photos you can get, however, are pretty special. That bright blue sky is just so beautiful.

Eiffel Tower: 3ten.ca

So, here’s the funny thing. I commented on the Sacré-Cœur Basilica post that some tourist take 372 selfies. Well, Bryce will usually take a few of me, unless they’re bad – in which case he’ll take a few more.

Here he asked me – are you excited you’re in Paris?


Ali in Paris: 3ten.ca

Okay – well, babe – maybe try and not look so scary. Oh my goodness. Okay, I’ll just smile normally, then!

Ali in Paris: 3ten.ca

Yup – that’s way better. Much better. Ha-ha. Thanks for the truth, Bryce!

Overall, Paris is so much more than the Eiffel Tower, yet no visit to this great city would be complete without at least seeing it – from the cab, the airplane, or even from the Montparnasse Tower. All equally spectacular. Why? Because it’s Paris.

Eiffel Tower: 3ten.ca

Thanks so much for visiting and reading along. One of my favourite things about travelling is all the sights, museums, and experiences we have walking around and enjoying each other’s company. Seeing the Eiffel Tower (for the second time, I might add) is awesome. I hope that you get to see it, or see what’s at the top of your list soon.

Take care and happy travels.

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