Mexico in a Carry On:

Travel: Mexico in a Carry On

Mexico in a Carry On:

We’re travelling to Mexico and we love to travel light. Not only does it make the travel days easier, yet it also makes prepping for the trip and the trip itself smoother. So, here we go – Mexico in a carry on.

I’m not about sacrificing style, yet about maximizing pieces and being comfortable and stylish.

Too many options, for me anyway, causes anxiety about ‘don’t wear that yet’ – fear of wasting an awesome outfit on a boring day – it’s silly, I know. Or, I’ll have so many options and I just keep wearing my favourites. As such, I just bring favourites.

When we travelled to South East Asia a few years ago we packed in 33L backpacks. For any of you who backpack, you know this is small. For this trip, I’m filling my Briggs and Riley carry on, which is 40L.

Mexico in a Carry On:


  • airy top
  • fitting tank
  • airy tank
  • dark dress
  • romper
  • light dress
  • capris
  • shorts
  • leggings

Swim Suits

  • olive two piece
  • red and blue two piece
  • blue and green two piece
  • black one piece
  • multi two piece
  • red two piece
  • green and red two piece
  • navy two piece
  • green and blue two piece
Swim Suits:

Shoes and Accessories

  • comfortable sandals
  • dressy sandals
  • pink runners
  • buffs
  • sunglasses
  • surrong
  • wooden bracelets
  • straw hat
  • jean jacket

Hair and Beauty

  • sun screen
  • soap
  • face cream
  • toothbrush and paste
  • hair straightener
  • razor
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • hair cream
  • elastics and bobby pins


  • black purse (2 ways)
  • beach bag
  • light sweater
  • book
  • water shoes
  • light hoodie
  • plastic phone case
  • undies
  • bras
Mexico in a Carry On:

Okay – so now I’ve got all of these items – do you think they’ll fit? I’ll be wearing a few items on the plane and using packing cubes to make the most of the 40L space. I’m willing to bet I’d even have extra room to bring my pillow! Augh…maybe not…we shall see.

But first, a few outfits – I’ll show you 9 outfits for the trip. The goal, with 18 days away, is to wear every item twice, yet mix it up so it’s fresh and new.


  • travel day
  • sporty walk to the beach
  • casual market lunch
  • pool side
  • sporty cool beach day
  • sunny market shopping
  • sporty warm beach day
  • sunny temple visits to evening dinner
  • sporty sight seeing
Mexico in a Carry On:

Well, there you have it, all packed up and ready to go. It all fit! And, the pillow would have fit, too. Mexico in a carry on is a success.

Mexico in a Carry On:

Thanks so much for visiting and stay tuned for our travel snapshots, where I share a few photos of our current vacation spot. Happy travelling!

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