Galeries Lafayette:

Travel: Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette:

Galeries Lafayette – well, it’s a shoppers heaven. Looking for Chanel? Louis Vuitton? Or perhaps other high end designers? This is your place.

It’s all one store, yet with various boutiques. Many of them have stanchions to queue people up since there are more shoppers than room in the store.

We visited on our first night in Paris and I bought a scarf. Funny story. I found a scarf I liked, yet I left it on the shelf (there were about 4). Then on the other side of the store I found another scarf I liked. I tried it on, loved it, yet wanted to walk back to where the first one was to compare.

Guess what? Same scarf!

Galeries Lafayette

Shopping Mecca Paris:

If you’re a shopper, this place is for you. Also, if you’re into architecture, you’ll be happy. For us, we just wanted to check it out and visit the home section. So many beautiful French cooking tools. Too bad we travelled with carry-ons. Not much room for cast iron pans or dutch ovens. Bummer!

Galeries Lafayette:

Notice the jet out on the right side – you can walk up and look down. We were too hungry to take a peek. Paris eats kept calling.

The building is truly stunning, though.

Galeries Lafayette:

We also visited the Champs-Élysées after touring the Arc de Triomphe and the shopping is better at Galeries Lafayette. Note, too, that Galeries Lafayette also has satellite stores across Paris, so if you don’t have time to make the short trip to the four block store, then check out one of their smaller boutique stores.

Store Front Paris:

In the end, it’s worth checking out – even if you only spend an hour there. Have fun, people watch, and maybe buy a scarf!

Glass Ceiling:

Thanks so much for visiting – happy travelling and be sure to stop by again soon, since up next I’m sharing the steal of a deal we got on a sweet little Paris hotel. Right in Marais. Happy Wednesday.

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