Musical Gardens Versailles:

Travel: Musical Gardens Versailles

Musical Gardens Versailles:

The Musical Gardens at Versailles – they are beautiful and especially so on a bright and sunny day.

Most often you can get the gardens included in your ticket, yet they’re not included in the Paris Museum Pass. We purchased the tickets separately. While we enjoyed ourselves, the added cost of seeing the gardens wasn’t quite worth it.

Musical Gardens Versailles

We spent about 45 minutes exploring the grounds which I can only image cost a fortune to upkeep. One thing we noted, however, is that the fountains weren’t on. That would have been far more fun, I’m sure.


My favourite part of the Musical Gardens Versailles is the intricate nature of the landscaping. Look how detailed this is – so pretty.

Musical Gardens Versailles:

You don’t get the same effect walking around, you do have to see it from above. I captured this photo while inside the Palace of Versailles. It’s so green!

I’m sure you could spend hours and hours outside walking around, enjoying the peacefulness of the grounds. The photo above is only the one side, it’s not even the full length of the property.

Musical Gardens Versailles:

Here is another shot of some of the unruly plants growing. I like that they’re sort of letting some of them grow in their natural way.


These perfectly trimmed trees – they’re just so spot on, not a single branch out of place. We didn’t see anyone doing any maintenance. Strange, eh?

Overall, the Musical Gardens Versailles are worth it if you get a deal on your ticket; yet if not, then it’s up to you to decide. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, we just didn’t think the cost was there for $28.00 Canadian for both of us. Nope, maybe $15.00 or even $18.00. Then again, I didn’t even have flowers at our wedding, so I’m not much of a garden/flower person.

Musical Gardens Versailles:

Thanks so much for visiting! See you again soon.

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