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Travel: West Coast Trail Snapshot

West Coast Trail – snapshot. If you saw my post last week – West Coast Trail Prep – you know over the past week we’ve been hiking away in the backcountry of Vancouver Island getting muddy, wet and sleeping in a tiny tent. Here’s a picture of our gear.

West Coast Trail Prep: 3ten.ca

West Coast Trail Snapshot

We hiked the trail from south to north – tough to easy – nasty to nice. If we had to do it again, we’d hike the same way.

Before the hike I was ready to feel tired, see whales, seals and perhaps even a bald eagle or two. Ready for ladders, long days and tired (perhaps even blistered) feet.

What I wasn’t ready for was how worn out the ladders are and how many of them there actually are – we’d say close to 100.

Regardless, though, let me tell you, it’s beautiful. Hard work, yes. And even with a few close calls, we had the hike of a lifetime.

Quick Peek

Here are a few photos in this West Coast Trail Snapshot.

West Coast Trail Snapshot: 3ten.ca

I’ll fill you in on all the highs and lows of the trip in a future post, but right now all I want to do is shower and eat non-dehydrated food.

West Coast Trail Snapshot: 3ten.ca
West Coast Trail Snapshot: 3ten.ca

Thanks for following along – see you again soon.

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