Sewing: McCall’s 6752 Pattern Review

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

McCall’s 6752 pattern review. I’ve done a couple of reviews recently, McCall’s 6751 and McCall’s 6751 part two, and all I keep doing is learning.

Pattern Review

For this project I used pattern D and for the fabric I used a jersey knit. One draw back – it’s a bit sheer (you can see my white tank top through the fabric)…next time, I’d use a double knit or something a bit less sheer.

Second tip – I made this dress huge! Don’t do that. I figured that I would like the extra room, thinking it would keep me cool. Ah, no…looks a bit sloppy if I’m not paying attention to where the elastic waist is…next time, I’ll make it smaller and more true to size.

Another tip. One thing I did to ensure adequate coverage, I stitched the top together (like the V neck) so that they wouldn’t just open. The issue with this is that it doesn’t fall as nicely (probably because I made it too big). So maybe pin it and try it on, then see if you like how it falls. If so, stitch away! If not, then just leave it.

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

See how much more form fitting the white one on the package is than mine? Next time, like I said above, I’ll make it true to size. Silly me.

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

Overall, however, I do really like this dress. It washes well and looks good over patterned leggings or with just bare legs. It’s light and airy for those hot summer days. Toss on a tank underneath and you’re all set.

If you try this pattern, let me know how you make out – I’d love to see your finished product.

McCalls 6752 Pattern Review:

Happy sewing and thanks for visiting. Be sure to visit again on Friday as I share another review with you. This next one was a bit tricky, yet it turned out well.

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