Sewing: Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

Simplicity 1429 pattern review. This one is a fun one. Tricky, yes…but fun. Why tricky? The pants are so baggy (and that’s the way I want them) yet that makes it difficult to see the shape. Simply put, there is a massive amount of fabric!

Pattern Review

I made pattern D. For the pants I selected a rayon jersey. It’s light (so light) and airy for summer. The best part, it kind of feels like I’m wearing pjs. haha.

Okay – first, my suggestion is to make the pleats even, like I did in this summer skirt. If you pin down the pleats and serge, keeping them in place, they will look neat and polished. Otherwise, you run the risk of various sized pleats, which wouldn’t be so nice.

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

The legs are long – so long. I’m standing on my tippy toes, just to give you some perspective.

The pants work well with wedges, flats, or sandals.

Oh, another tricky part, matching the hem on each leg. I’ll be honest, one leg is about 1/2 and inch longer than the other. So silly. I kept trying to make them even and I kept getting it wrong. I stopped and just gave up after I realized I might end up with capris or shorts. You can’t even notice, though, so I’m all good with the error. Just pretend I didn’t tell you!

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

Pair with a jean jacket for a Tuesday night movie, or even with an infinity scarf for a Sunday lunch date. Either way, you’ll be sure to get some compliments on these pants – I know I have.

Simplicity 1429 Pattern Review:

Thanks for visiting and be sure to stop by again soon – I’ll be doing another patter in this package, yet before that I’ve got some breakfast eats coming up! See you on Sunday and don’t forget to sew up!

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