Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

Travel: Hiking in Jasper

Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

Hiking in Jasper – beautiful lakes, marvellous mountains, and fresh air is what hiking in the backcountry is all about.

We visited Jasper a few weeks ago and followed all the travel protocols that are in place and it was a blast. So nice to get away and spend some time outside. Okay, let’s check out some photos from our hike.

Hiking in Jasper

We hiked the five lakes trail. The trail wasn’t quiet (we most certainly saw people), yet it wasn’t packed either. Look at Daph-Daph having fun below – she’s having a drink in lake 5!

Hiking Map: 3ten.ca

All five lakes are beautiful in their own way. Lake five is the quietest and has a little dock off the end of it. That’s lake five below – where Daphne is playing in the water. Such a sweet pup.

Daphne Playing: 3ten.ca

The views are incredible – look at that water and those clear skies!

Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

The hike took us about 2 hours, yet we stopped a few times to check things out and take in all the views. A few people were biking the trail (that didn’t look like much fun at all) and of course there were other dogs – and not all on leashes, either.

If you’re looking for an afternoon adventure then certainly hike this trail. Bring your bathing suit, a backpack full of snacks and some water to keep you hydrated. Lake four is the best place to take a dip. The only bummer part is, once you kick up the sediment the water isn’t as clear.

Okay, back to the views!

See that mountain? That’s the one with the sky tram – you can sort of see the little ‘house’ about 3/4 of the way up on the right side. So high!

Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

Well, this is us – hiking hair and all.

Hiking in Jasper: 3ten.ca

Thanks so much for visiting! We’ll hopefully get to hike again this weekend – bye!

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