Banana Madness:

Recipe: Banana Madness

Banana Madness:

Banana madness – what? Yes – so many bananas, 14 rotten ones to be exact. Well, rotten is a little much. The bananas I had were black black and full of all the sugary goodness needed for delicious banana bread and banana bread cookies. So, I thought I’d share these wonderful recipes again.

Okay, let’s bake up!

Banana Madness

Gluten Free Banana Bread – check out the recipe. On this fine Saturday I doubled it.

Gluten Free Banana Cookies – again, I doubled this one two, yet only baked half the batter. It freezes really well, which means it’s easy to have fresh baked cookies any time.

Banana Bread:

Look how fluffy that banana bread it – such goodness.

And these cookies below, they’re like muffin tops. So yummy!

Banana Bread Cookies:

Baking on a Saturday is one of the best things – putting on one of your favourite movies, a cup of tea and a warm and toasty oven on keeping your feet warm. It’s the best.

I made enough so we have some treats for the week.


And, you can of course see that we’ve already had a few – haha. These cookies don’t last long in our house, they’re soft, fluffy and full of banana and chocolate goodness.

Well, there you have it – a little bit of banana madness. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.

Banana Madness:

Bake up and enjoy your weekend. And don’t forget to have a snack or two – they’re good for the soul. Bye!

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