Pattern Review: 6751:

Sewing: Pattern Review: McCall’s 6751

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

Pattern Review

Sewing pattern review of McCall’s M6751.

This pattern is easy – just like it says on the outside of package. The lovely thing about this patten – 4 tops and with different fabric choices, the possibilities for options are great.

First, let me discuss pattern B with you. I did make pattern D, too, yet I’ll share that one later. For each pattern I used different fabric, thus different insights.

Okay – for the playful keyhole back. I used a stretch double knit in 1 inch stripes.

First mistake – I cut my pattern according to the measurements on the back of the pattern. No, I should have read the final measurements which are printed directly on the pattern. I either used too small of a seam allowance or I didn’t realize the top fits so baggy.

Overall, I feel like the top makes me look wide – might just be the stripes…but I’ll get to those.

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

Okay. Why stripes? The material is so soft and has a great feel to it. Looking back, however, I should use this for something other than a baggy top. Maybe a scarf? Even a maxi skirt, perhaps?

The tricky part – look at the sides!!

This pattern, in order to make the back straps have enough ‘pull’, is cut on the bias. So, as you can see, I had to carefully line up the stripes on the back. I did this well, however, when I tried it on, it became difficult to alter unless I wanted to give up the polished look.

So, the sides. You can see that it’s impossible to match up the stripes. The pattern is just cut oddly.

My advise – use a busy patterned material or just a solid fabric. You’ll have better luck, I’m sure. On a side note, I really like how my pattern D turned out – that review to be shared next week.

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

Oh, another thing. It seems like I’m being overly critical of my own work, but that’s how we learn, right? Okay, the other thing, I would turn in the hem, like fold it twice, because it tends to roll over at times.

Get this – the collar hem, the back hem, and the arm hole hem are all the same hem! Be sure your bobbin is full…it just keeps going and going. Caught me a tad off guard.

McCall's M6751 Pattern Review:

Visit again soon for more treats – treats of all kinds, baking treats, sewing treats, and even some meatless Monday treats!

I’m looking forward to trying this pattern again – can’t wait to show you, since I’m sure it’ll look better than this one.

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