Sewing: Pattern Review: McCall’s 6751 Part Two

May 7, 2015 |  by  |  Projects, Sewing

McCall's 6751 Pattern Review:

Pattern review: McCall’s 6751 part two – about 10 days ago I did a review of this same pattern, but style B. Today, we’ll look at style D.

Style D is so much better…or maybe it’s because of the fabric choice! On style D I used a light cotton knit. Worked well.

First – be sure to look at the finished measurements to see that they will line up with your own body measurements. I like how this top turned out a bit baggy – and how it’s longer on the backside. This way I can wear it with leggings. Last summer I purchased these navy blue and paisley leggings and I feel like I have nothing to wear with them. As soon as this top made it into my closet, it all clicked ‘yes’ and outfit. I love when that happens.

The trickiest part of this pattern is the pleats at the back. Be sure to take your time. Also, just like I suggested in the other pattern review, fold over the hem twice. On this pattern I did that and it worked well. The only difficult part was the back pleat. It wouldn’t turn over twice because it was so thick. The nice thing, however, it also won’t roll forward and show because it’s got so much weight to it, so you’ll be good.

McCall's 6751 Pattern Review: McCall's 6751 Pattern Review:

Overall this pattern is quite easy. Cut accurately and it’ll look wonderful.

McCall's 6751 Pattern Review:

Next time I make this pattern I’m going to try jersey and see what happens. Might be too light and stretch out in the neck (anyone know how to avoid that?) yet we shall see.

McCall's 6751 Pattern Review: McCall's 6751 Pattern Review:

Start sewing and make some delightful summer outfits. Last year I made a maxi skirt and I’m so excited to wear it again this year. You should check it out.

McCall's 6751 Pattern Review:

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon.

Happy Thursday.


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