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Some people like to visit stadiums in cities they visit, museums or even local landmarks. Me, I live to visit university campuses – I’m a nerd, I know. I was 12 when my dad took me and my brother to Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. He had a coaches football conference and I got to wander the university (taking pictures on a very old camera)…I felt inspired, like I was a part of a secret or inner world. When it came time to pick my own university, I fell in love with the one that felt collegiate and who’s campus I knew would give me the same feeling. CalTech, although certainly not where I would have chosen to study, since I was an Arts/English major, it’s inspirational, just the same.

CalTech: 3ten.caCalTech:

Each building gives you the sense that important things have happened and are going to happen within their walls.

CalTech: 3ten.caCalTech:

Who doesn’t want a building named after them…

CalTech: 3ten.caCalTech: 3ten.caCalTech: 3ten.caCalTech:

Go Beavers!

CalTech: 3ten.caCalTech:

Thanks so much for visiting! If you’re in the LA area or travelling to California and want to spend some time in Pasadena, then do it! The town is beautiful and although it’s right outside of LA, it has a small town feel. Walk the core downtown and you’ll get that college, upperclass, I read books vibe. Oh, and have a pint or eat fro-yo, you’ll fit right in.

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