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Michelin House: 3ten.ca

Michelin House is the home to Claude Bosi’s restaurant, Bibendum and it’s worth the visit. The building, the stained glass, and the atmosphere are all in balance with the service, and the food. Oh, the food!

Classically French dishes served in a modern and thoughtful way is what Bibendum is about.

I’m not usually a chatty with the server when we’re at restaurants – Bryce and I enjoy each other’s company and we usually know what to expect. Yet here, there were so many new things – olives that aren’t actually olives, dishes smoked in coffee and what tasted like foie gras cheesecake. Seriously? Seriously! We asked so many questions and got so many delightful answers.

The part I liked the most about Michelin House is the stained glass. Taking photos inside wouldn’t have been polite, so you’ll have to scroll down to see some of the art and the building. Small details, like the Michelin tire man built as a butter dish, or the chocolate soufflĂ© having a silver painted Michelin man on top. Just the most fun touches.

Michelin House Art

The art, the posters, and the small details all speak for themselves.

Poster of the Tire Man: 3ten.ca

Check out this guy – built right into the host stand.

Michelin House: 3ten.ca

And this poster, it hangs over the staircase.

The Time Man: 3ten.ca

This last one is my favourite. Bright and bold. Plus, there’s something absolutely ridiculous about smoking a cigar while on a bike. Like, really?

Michelin House: 3ten.ca

Overall, I fully recommend a visit to Michelin House. Bibendum has two Michelin stars and it lives up to the reputation. Just don’t forget to make a reservation.

Michelin House: 3ten.ca

If you’re looking for more places to eat in London, then check out my London Eats post from a few weeks back. I did say that Michelin House would get it’s own post! Thanks so much for visiting and happy travelling. Oh, and happy eating, too. Bye!

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