Sea Life Aquarium:

Travel: Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium:

Sea Life Aquarium is one of London’s best sights. Seriously. We love our aquariums – we’ve been to the Vancouver Aquarium, the one in Seattle, and the Shedd Aquarium, too. This one brought a whole new dynamic with it – mainly because it tied in a lot of London history (like the pollution in the Thames River).


The entrance is small and down on the river walk area by the London Eye. If you’re like me and have things planned out, then buy your tickets ahead of time. You’ll save about 20% on your entrance fee. Worth the planning, in my opinion, anyway.

First thing, you’re allowed to take photos – just without the flash. Be nice to the creatures and don’t bag on the glass.

Sea Life Aquarium

These guys love their hiding spots. They’re like Ursula’s eels in the Little Mermaid. Neat looking, that’s for sure.

Sea Life Aquarium:

Can you spot the fish below? It took me a moment to find them since I was so distracted by the ray. Bryce said – do you see them?! Once I saw one, I kept finding more and pointing them out like a proud five year old.

Sea Life Aquarium:

Up next we’ve got the lion fish. This fish is super neat and I’m sure if you’re in North America you’ve heard about the infestation of them in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s so bad for the ecosystem and some chefs are trying to mitigate the issue by cooking lion fish. I haven’t had it yet, have you?

Lion Fish:


One of my favourite creatures – the jellyfish. They are just so cool, unique and do whatever they like. Float over here, or maybe over there. Some sting (I’ve never experienced that yet, and I don’t want to) and some don’t. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours – yet they’re all super cool.

Sea Life Aquarium:

One display at the Sea Life Aquarium for the jellyfish has a jet and it’s fun to watch them swim towards the current and then sort of tumble through the water. I realize this might be a stretch, but I think they’re playing and having fun – why else would they swim all the way back down to the jet? Must be fun!

In the end, the Sea Life Aquarium is worth the visit – check it out if you have time, you’ll learn a lot and smile even more.

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