Victoria and Albert Museum:

Travel: Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum:

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Oh my goodness, this place is massive and so awesome! Jewelry, furniture, and dinnerware were my favourite exhibits – and photography.

Silly me, I initially thought that the museum would be all about Victoria and Albert. We really like them and enjoy watching Victoria on PBS – such a great show. So, in looking back, I should have put it together – they loved of the arts, thus an epic museum to hold all items that are representative of their love of art.

Victoria and Albert Museum


You’ll need at least a few hours for this museum, and it’s impossible to see everything in one day. Yet, do still visit – the jewelry and the photographs are worth the visit alone. Bryce would say the furniture – it’s pretty special, too.

A volunteer stopped us as we were looking at the map – she asked where we were from and we bonded over her living in Canada for 10 years. She was so kind and helpful – she spent about 4 minutes building us our own little tour – do this, then that, then this and so on. All based on our interest. It was perfect.

Victoria and Albert Museum:
Victoria and Albert Museum Artefacts:

Look at this centre piece!

Victoria and Albert Museum:

Okay – in the photo below, just look at it. The statures are beautiful, right?

Victoria and Albert Museum:

Now – try and find a real human being for scale – can you find him? Hard to believe the pieces are that big, eh?

Time for the sparkle!

Victoria and Albert Museum:

I couldn’t get over some of the stones – so ornate and bright.

Victoria and Albert Museum:

These jewels are displayed as a work of art all in itself. So pretty.

Well, there you have it – a quick little peek into the Victoria and Albert Museum. Be sure to check it out if you’re ever in London. PS – the Harrods is only a few block away, about a 10 minute walk. Happy Wednesday!!

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