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Cuff Links: #diy

So – it’s about 5pm on a Saturday and my Christmas party starts at 5:30…and it’s a 15 minute drive. I’m ready…my husband is getting dressed. Cuff links? Where are they, I ask. The dry cleaner’s lost them. What!!??

He says it’s fine – he’ll just hide his cuffs in his jacket. I know Bryce well…after about an hour at the party he’ll be hot and want to take off his jacket, then realize that he needs his jacket to keep his cuffs in line. No, I’m smart and creative, I’m going to make something that will work! Heck, I’m ready and I have 15 minutes!

Cuff Links: #diyCuff Links: #diy

Here you have it – DIY cuff links.

What do you need

  • Two buttons that have toggles.
  • Elastic string – about 12 inches.

What’s a toggle? It’s the little piece on the back of a button that sticks out. You also need elastic string and a bit of a steady hand.

Cuff Links: #diyCuff Links: #diy

First – make sure your buttons fit though the shirt you’re creating cuff links for.

Now, put both buttons toggle side up and string though the elastic string. Tie a knot. Pull tight. Tie another knot and pull tight. Trim off any excess.

Cuff Links: #diyCuff Links: #diy

There you have it…cuff links!

Cuff Links: #diy

We had a great time at the party and Bryce was able to take his jacket off! Yay!

Happy Friday!

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