Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

Sewing: Fall Fat Quarter Scarf

Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

Fall fat quarter scarf. This is the second scarf I’ve made this way and I’m loving these deep navy and pink colours. Just perfect for fall.

So, what is a fat quarter? It’s a quilting term used for breaking up a yard of fabric into quarters – and fat ones, I assume. They’re not square, since a most fabric isn’t a yard wide.What I like most about them is it’s quick and easy to determine how much fabric you need. On this scarf I picked up 3 types of fabric, getting 1/2 a yard each. Which is exactly what this project calls for – 6 fat quarters. What I ended up doing, however, was only using 1 of the paisley fabrics and a more structured grey one to add some depth.


Okay, let’s get sewing. If you’re looking for detailed directions, head over to the fat quarter sewing tutorial – it’s quick and easy. I’m talking 45 minutes from start to finish.

Fabric: 3ten.ca

What I found works best with this scarf is using 4 types of fabric, 2 of them you’ll double up, so 2 fat quarters each, then 2 other single fat quarters.

Sew 3 of them together – but on the first row, put the random one in the middle. On the next row, put it at the end. This will give you some nice variety, seeing as how each pattern will line up with a different one, yet you’ll have some consistency, too.

Let’s check out the finished product!

Scarf: 3ten.ca

You can wear it any way you like – for me, I love the navy and pink side out with just a hint of paisley.

Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca
Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

Done and done – time to dress up and stay cozy in this fall fat quarter scarf.

Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

Thanks so much for visiting and stay warm out there – it is September, after all!

See you again soon!

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