Snow Day

Snow Day:

It’s a snow day! Lots of fluffy white stuff…the dogs love it! I’m mean and didn’t shovel the deck one bit – nope, time to play first and work after, right?

Snow Day

We live in Northern Alberta and the snow we get here isn’t as fluffy and dense as it is, say, in Ontario. Both Bryce and I grew up with heavy wet snow that was so heavy to lift, yet made great snowmen. I’ve heard that if you take 1 cup of Alberta snow and put it in a cup and 1 cup of Ontario snow and put it in a different cup, then let it melt the Ontario snow will have twice as much water. That’s so neat!

Snow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day:

Are the stairs still there?

Snow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day:

You can’t see me!

Snow Day: 3ten.caSnow Day:

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