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    Photos: Saying Goodbye to Lily

    Saying Goodbye to Lily Saying goodbye is painful, especially when you know it’s the end. We said goodbye to our best friend with four adorable paws on Sunday night. It was not easy to say goodbye and it still hurts deeply. Lily, or Lily-cat as I often called her, had an exceptional life; and with having her in our lives came some of my most cherished memories. She loved to play, eat ice cream, and go for car rides. More than that, though, she loved…

  • Thunder Story

    Photos: Thunder Snoring House

    Thunder and snoring house – yes, my house is filled with so many sounds that it’s flat out beautiful. This morning the house is full of snoring. Bryce is on nights and Lily, well, she’s a Great Dane and she’ll snore anytime if you let her. The thunder, that comes from all of the rain and storms we’ve had over the last month or two. Oh, and there’s a precious story to go along with it. Thunder We were living in Dallas, Texas and Lily…

  • Recipes

    Recipe: Potato Dog Treats

    Potato dog treats – why? Because it’s Lily’s birthday, that’s why! Well, her birthday was on Monday and we celebrated in the morning with homemade potato dog treats. When Bella turned 11 she got sweet potato dog treats, so it’s only fitting that Lily, turning 7 and all, gets chips, too. Lily loves, like loves salt and vinegar chips. The problem? She’s older and we’re afraid to give her too many processed items because we just love her so much. As such, I made her…

  • Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress: 3ten.ca

    Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress

    Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress Today is our two year anniversary and I want to do something special for my husband. About 3 weeks ago, our weimaraner, Bella, got sick, however, she’s okay now, or will be. When we though she might not make it, all I could think about was what if I forget her – all of her quirks, her expressions, her eyes. So, I took this opportunity to take some photos! She looks pretty happy, and Lily, well, she just looks…

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    National Puppy Day!

    National Puppy Day Yes! It’s National Puppy Day! We have 2 dogs, but I’ve only experienced Miss Tiger Lily as a puppy. Bella, from what I’ve heard, was full of energy and had to grow into her big Weimaraner ears. Lily, our Great Dane, was a sleepy puppy that loved to live under the coffee table…now she won’t fit. We got her from Michigan and Delta Cargo was kind enough to fly her to Texas where we lived at the time. As a puppy, she…

  • Lazy Day: 3ten.ca

    Lazy Day!

    Lazy Day Lazy Lily sitting in the sun being lazy. This look, it’s a way of asking me what I’m looking at! Nap time. Getting comfortable. Such a cute napper. Basically, at our house it’s difficult to get a lazy day with two active pups. Today, however, we took full advantage of the laziness. Time for naps, treats and a few photos. Bella is such a stinker that she’ll wake us up around 6:30am wondering why we’re not right there to feed her. Really? You…

  • Snowman Time: 3ten.ca

    Snowman Time!

    Snowman Time It’s not very often that the snow in Northern Alberta gets heavy and dense like it does in Ontario – the perfect snowman making snow. This kind of snow calls for a high-five, for sure! Bella supervising while Lily hunts for branches for arms in the background. Lily helping, or rather trying to eat the snowman. I didn’t have dogs growing up, and as an adult I’m more amazed by them – I can’t believe how much my pups love to eat snow.…