Lazy Day!

Lazy Day:

Lazy Day

Lazy Lily sitting in the sun being lazy.

Lazy Day:

This look, it’s a way of asking me what I’m looking at!

Lazy Day:

Nap time.

Lazy Day:

Getting comfortable.

Lazy Day:

Such a cute napper.

Basically, at our house it’s difficult to get a lazy day with two active pups. Today, however, we took full advantage of the laziness. Time for naps, treats and a few photos. Bella is such a stinker that she’ll wake us up around 6:30am wondering why we’re not right there to feed her. Really? You can’t at least wait until 7am? Sometimes I’ll just get on the couch with her and cover her in a blanket to keep her warm – that’ll gain me an extra 30 of sleep. Anyway, on this lazy day we did a whole lot of nothing. No walks or car rides – just laziness. Isn’t it wonderful? I hope you get a lazy day soon, too. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

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