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Photos: Thunder Snoring House

Thunder and snoring house – yes, my house is filled with so many sounds that it’s flat out beautiful. This morning the house is full of snoring. Bryce is on nights and Lily, well, she’s a Great Dane and she’ll snore anytime if you let her. The thunder, that comes from all of the rain and storms we’ve had over the last month or two. Oh, and there’s a precious story to go along with it.


We were living in Dallas, Texas and Lily was about 5 months old. In Texas the month of May brings in some pretty fierce thunder storms unlike any I’ve seen in Canada, that’s for sure. So, it’s around 9pm and it’s pouring. Lily is just a pup and I need to take her outside. We walk out and she won’t leave the hall to go outside. Keep in mind I’ve never had a dog before. Lily-cat is my first pup.

I think, we are going to do this – I’m going to get you pee outside before bed. Yes, I can do this.

She’s afraid of the rain so I pick her up and walk out into the rain. Just as I’m about to put her down this huge crash of thunder explodes and I shake scaring Lily’s poor tail off. She bolts back to our apartment door and that’s that, she’s afraid of thunder.

Thunder and Snoring House:

Now, fast forward about 7 years and give us one of the stormiest springs we’ve experience here in Northern Alberta, thus a thunder snoring house. Miss Lily-cat is still afraid of thunder. The best part, my husband is such an awesome guy that when it’s thundering and Lily is afraid he takes a bath and puts her dog bed in the bathroom so she can be close to safety. So precious.

She loves her dog bed so much even though she’s shy about the camera! The picture below on the right isn’t great because, well, it wasn’t taken with the intent of my blog, yet rather a quick text to me to let me know that Lily is safe during the storm.

Thunder Snoring House:

Thunder and Snoring House:

Here’s another one of Lily. She loves to eat ice cream cones and usually only gets one or two a year; however, this summer she’s been spoiled with love. It’s okay to be afraid at times, just as long as you love with passion. Lily loves like no other.

Thunder and Snoring House:

So, to all of the noises, thunder and snoring, and all else in between I’m happy to call this house a home. We are a thunder snoring house. Happy Friday, have a great weekend and spend some time snoring!

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