• Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Fall Fat Quarter Scarf

    Fall fat quarter scarf. This is the second scarf I’ve made this way and I’m loving these deep navy and pink colours. Just perfect for fall. So, what is a fat quarter? It’s a quilting term used for breaking up a yard of fabric into quarters – and fat ones, I assume. They’re not square, since a most fabric isn’t a yard wide.What I like most about them is it’s quick and easy to determine how much fabric you need. On this scarf I picked…

  • Zip Infinity Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Week Forty Three: Zip Infinity Plaid Scarf

    Zip infinity plaid scarf for fall. This scarf is cozy and versatile, not to mention the zip that adds a bit of style. The idea for this scarf is from lululemon and all of their snap scarfs, for me, however, I want a zipper. Thus, this zip infinity scarf. Let’s get sewing! What You Need 1 yard of 60 width plaid fabric 1 separating zipper 12 inches or longer serger machine zipper foot coordinating thread hand needle First, wash and dry your fabric – and…

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    Project: Giveaway Results!

    It’s March 1st and that means it’s time to announce the winners of the Giveaway!! Giveaway Results Mandy and Erin – you both WON!! Yippee! Love the infinity scarf? Visit the tutorial here. The project only takes about 30 minutes to make – plus, they make great gifts. Love the headband? Visit the tutorial here. This tutorial is one of my most popular. Keeping that fringe at bay is hard work and a perfect opportunity to add some style with a bit of functionality. Enjoy…

  • Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Fat Quarter Infinity Scarf

    Are you a quilter? I’m not (yet, never say never, I guess) but I still love quilting cotton. This project is perfect if you have some fat quarters around, or even if you make a special trip to the grocery fabric store! Fat Quarter Infinity Scarf You’ll need 6 fat quarters (18×22), matching thread and your machine. First – decide on a layout. I used 4 different fabrics – 2 fat quarters of the same pattern, and then 2 others. Next – sew together on…

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    Giveaway Time!!

    3ten.ca has hit more than 20,000 page views! Giveaway Time Thanks to you!! So…what a better way to say thank you than to have a giveaway?!! My most popular Pinterest – headbands. The tutorial is so easy, but more than that, they look good and are unique. Also – who doesn’t love a scarf? This infinity scarf tutorial is a staple for anyone who likes to give gifts – or wear a scarf or two! What 3ten.ca is giving away… Two, yes, two winners who…

  • Colour Block Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Colour Block Infinity Scarf

    It’s Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the day with some pink – and this colour blocked scarf is the perfect way! Love, love, love!! Get some fabric – this is all jersey knit. Also, it’s all pre-washed, as it should be! Colour Block Infinity Scarf Cut out 3 pieces, each 20″ by 26″. This scarf is bigger than my other infinity scarf – but you can follow that tutorial, too, if you like. Sew all three blocks together – on the long side (sew the three pieces…

  • Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf

    Project: Arm Knitting

    Arm Knitting – have you heard of it?! It’s amazingly easy and beautiful ta-boot! One of the girls I work with walked in one day with this stunning chunky scarf. “Wow…that’s a great scarf” I said. She made it…WHAT?! Arm knitting – I’m intrigued. While she was on her break I watched her pump out a scarf in less than 45 minutes. Seriously? Seriously! Her suggestion, to watch a YouTube video. Within days I had stopped at Michael’s craft store and browsed YouTube. Audra’s tutorial…