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    Tutorial: Week Forty Three: Zip Infinity Plaid Scarf

    Zip infinity plaid scarf for fall. This scarf is cozy and versatile, not to mention the zip that adds a bit of style. The idea for this scarf is from lululemon and all of their snap scarfs, for me, however, I want a zipper. Thus, this zip infinity scarf. Let’s get sewing! What You Need 1 yard of 60 width plaid fabric 1 separating zipper 12 inches or longer serger machine zipper foot coordinating thread hand needle First, wash and dry your fabric – and…

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    Tutorial: Big Zip Bag

    Big zip bag tutorial. This bag has it all. Great fabric. Large for all the items you love. It stands up on its own. Oh, and a little pocket for your cellphone so you don’t lose it at the bottom of you purse and start to panic that it’s gone forever. Has that ever happened to you? Man, the panic that sets in after 20 seconds of searching through your bag…this bag solves that problem. Okay, let us get started! What you need One Fabric:…

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    Tutorial: Pee Pee TeePee

    Pee Pee TeePee – what?! So…it’s a little tent that goes over the baby boy when you’re changing him, that way he doesn’t pee all over you or the room. Genius, right? Well, yes, but buying them is silly, especially when you can make them out of scraps or fun Batman fabric. These tee pees are a part of a gift set along with some burp cloths and a Batman blanket made out of the same materials. So fun. What You Need bowl that measures…

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    Tutorial: Apron

    This apron tutorial is easily made in 30 minutes. It’s adapted from a typepad blog, yet her instructions involve about 13 steps, my adaptations bring it down to 4. Check it out and sew it today! What You Need 1/2 yard of fabric Fat quarter matching thread scissors machine serger iron ironing board pins First – gather your fabric. I’m going to make 2 aprons. Both fat quarters are the cup cake pattern, and the pink and purple gingham will be the trim (the 1/2…

  • Baby Gift Bags: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Gift Bags

    Last tutorial – gift bags, a nice way to parcel up each gift. The best part, you can reuse them! Check out this quick and easy tutorial. What You Need fabric the a bit bigger than the size of your gift ribbon machine matching thread First – ensure your fabric will be large enough to fit the item you want to wrap. Then, with right sides together, serge the sides and the bottom. On the top, fold down about 1.5-2 inches and top stitch. Then,…

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    Tutorial: Waterproof Car Toy Bag

    Waterproof car toy bag – these little bags are perfect grab all bags for your car – especially since they are waterproof, from the inside! Use them to store toys, as a place for garbage or even use them to just store junk that piles up in the car. You’ll want one for each car, I’m sure of it. What You Need 4 squares that measure 12×12 2 pieces of fabric that measure 4×20 machine matching thread waxing cotton supplies First – get all of your…

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    Tutorial: Grab Toy

    Babies like to grab at things, especially colours – they pull, suck, and grab at almost anything. This plush grab toy is perfect – it’s easy to make in any shape, size or colour. The ideas are endless! What You Need 1/4 of a yard of fabric 1/4 of a yard for baking stuffing machine serger matching thread First – decide on your shape. I picked a triangle, in keeping with the triangle quilt and triangle burp cloth theme. Make the shape a bit bigger…