• Quilt Burp Cloths: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Quilted Burp Cloths

    Burp Cloths – one of the most functional sewing projects for a new baby. We’ve made them before here at 3ten: burp cloth tutorial and burp cloth tutorial 2. These are quilted burp cloths. What You Need about 3/4 of a yard of fabric – I used scraps 3/4 of a yard of fabric for the backing serger machine matching thread I made these after making the triangle quilt and as you can see, I used all the scraps. Basically, play around with the scraps…

  • Mini Diaper Bag: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Mini Diaper Bag

    So – the logic behind this one. I have a big purse, it has my wallet, room for my phones, my planner, my current book or two, and sometimes even a pair of socks. There are times, however, when I just put my phone, debit card and my license in my pocket and hit the road. When you’re a mom, however, I’m thinking the diaper won’t fit in your pocket, hence this little grab and go mini diaper bag. Maybe it’s a little trip to…

  • Receiving Blanket: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Receiving Blankets

    What is a receiving blanket? It’s a basic multi-purpose blanket used in a baby’s life – you can use it to keep the baby warm, use it to lay down on a bed if you need to change the baby at a friend’s house, or even use it as a little cushion for tummy time. Knowing that new moms might not have a lot of time to do laundry, I made two. What You Need 2 pieces of fabric that measure 30×40 coordinating fabric if…

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    Celebrate the Baby Boy – 10 sewing tutorials in 3 weeks

    Time to Celebrate the Baby Boy! My sister-in-law was due last week, yet her little munchkin has yet to grace us. Soon, though! Celebrate the Baby Boy – 10 sewing tutorials in 3 weeks Okay – why this celebration? Because babies are adorably cute and sewing is so much fun. Plus, I’m the kiddo’s Godmother, so I had to spoil him! Also – since putting this together, one of my cousins is having a baby boy and another friend is having a boy, too. Boys…

  • Men's Wool Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Wool Scarf

    Need a new scarf? Or maybe a quick gift for a loved one? Check this out – time to sew up a wool scarf for the winter. Let’s get sewing. What You Need wool fabric – once piece cut 13 inches wide by 72-86 inches long (depends on height) scissors matching thread machine First – be sure your fabric is pre washed. Is it soft enough for a scarf? If so, you’re ready to roll. Cut it out (I used a rotary cutter so the…

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    Tutorial: Wide Headband

    Love my headband tutorial? Well, this one is inspired by the trending wide headband. This project is quick…start to finish in 20 minutes! What You Need jersey fabric 20-22 inches (measure around your head and minus 1 inch) by 7 inches matching thread scissors machine First – ensure the grain (the part with the most stretch) is the part that is 22 inches. Now, fold your fabric in half, so it measures 11 by 7. On the open end (not the fold) measure in on…

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    Tutorial: Large Cowl

    With Halloween behind us and the leaves all on the ground, it’s time to bundle up and stay warm. This large cowl tutorial is the perfect accessory to transition from fall into winter. Remember the fat quarter scarf tutorial I posted back in late February? This large cowl is similar in size, yet made out of all the same fabric. What You Need medium weight fabric – 1 1/2 yards matching thread machine/serger First – you’ll need two pieces each measuring 65 inches x 20…